The Ancient One

The news broke this week that Tilda Swinton is being considered for the part of the Ancient One in the MCU.  I have a lot of feels about this.

On the one hand, SWINTON.

On the other hand, this is whitewashing at its most classic. The archetype of whitewashing, the standard to which all casting directors must be held when protecting their audition lists from those terrifying POC.

On the other other hand, the character is such a terrible Asian stereotype anyway, written by white people for a white audience, that I’m not sure casting an Asian actor would actually be less racist.

On the other, other other hand, if you review the military and political history of the country from which SWINTON and I both hail, the chapter entitled “Tibet, and How We Royally Fucked It Over For Shits and Giggles” is a particularly unpleasant one.

On the other(other other other) hand, if they do cast an Asian actor, is it likely to be someone of Tibetan ancestry, or are we just going to have another round of Hollywood’s “You People All Look The Same To Me”?

I actually have no idea how to feel about it.  Everything about the sheer existence of the character makes me so uncomfortable that I can’t see any good way of getting round it.


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